Berg Companies and The Toolbox Hire Individuals of All Abilities

In the next 10 years, 16% to 20% of Spokane County’s labor force is expected to retire, which will create a retirement gap of nearly 40,000 people in our community. Where will Spokane find the labor force to bridge this gap? Consider hiring individuals of all abilities. According to Spokane Area Workforce Development Council, 67,570 workers or 14.4% of Spokane County’s workforce has some sort of a disability, yet the unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities is 9.2%.

The Toolbox and Berg Companies are proud to employ workers of all abilities. Andy Barrett, Managing Partner of The Toolbox and Executive Director of Berg, believes it is essential for businesses to hire employees of all abilities. When asked about Berg’s workforce, Barrett explains that, “Some employers might tend to focus on someone’s disability, but at Berg, we focus on their abilities. Barrett truly believes hiring workers of all abilities is one of the best business decisions a company can make when it comes to developing a diverse company culture and work environment.

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